SNP, HMO-POS, and MSA Medicare Supplement Plans

The Private insurance company UnitedHealthcare offers the Part C plans known as the United Healthcare Medicare Supplement plans. These plans are designed to provide more and more comfort to senior citizens and to make their lives easier. In this article, we are going to discuss eligibility conditions and some types of these plans. The Medicare schemes are more popular than the Original Medicare due their supplemental benefits.


The Medicare Supplement plans are based on the Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) except that the costs are high and the benefits are less in the Original Medicare. Similarly, your eligibility of health insurance Supplement scheme depends on your eligibility of the Original Medicare. Typically, a person who is already enrolled in the Medicare Parts A and B automatically becomes eligible for Medicare Supplement plans. Moreover, it is also required that you do not have End-Stage Renal Disease (Kidney failure leading to dialysis).  People are also required to have a residence in area where such plans are being offered.

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In case you already have some health insurance such as insurance through your employer then it is extremely essential that you contact scheme providing company and ask it about plan’s terms and conditions before enrolling. Some cases have been recorded where people enrolled in a health insurance Supplement scheme, and their previous health insurance got eliminated, and they were unable to get that back later.

SNP Plan

Special Needs scheme is designed for people who suffer from certain problems and require special needs. There are three versions of Special Needs Plan which are:

  • Plan which is designed to cover needs of those who live in institutions.
  • Plan which helps those who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicare.
  • And plan for people with chronic problems such as diabetes, End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), or HIV/AIDS.

SNP and other plans like it always provide Prescription Drug coverage.


Health Maintenance Organization- Point of Service plan is designed to provide you with coverage for both in and out-of-network services but at varying charges. Although in these plans member faces less out-of-pocket costs when he visits in-network service providers.

MSA Plan

Medical Saving Account plan works with combination of a high deductible and a bank which plays its role in paying your deductible.  deposited fund can change from one plan to another. Furthermore, this provided fund remains tax free as long as you use it on IRS-verified medical costs.