UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans: info and types

If you are a person who is currently enrolled in  the Original Medicare (with  Parts A and B), and you are looking for an alternative healthcare coverage, then you are at  right place because here we are going to tell you about the Part C plans or more commonly known as  the Medicare Advantage plans. The Medicare Advantage plans are offered by the private insurance company UnitedHealthcare (Kaiser and many other companies are also available), and their plans are known as the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans.

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A common question which arises in minds of lots of people is that what is need for a health insurance Advantage scheme when we have the Original Medicare? Well, need for a health insurance Advantage scheme is felt when you also want much more benefits than just regular Part A and Part B coverage.  Medicare Advantage plans are bound to provide you with regular Part A and Part B coverage, but along with that these plans offer you a lot of supplemental benefits such as:

  • The fitness programs like gym memberships for people who like to stay fit.
  • The prescription Drug coverage.
  • Some plans offer vision, hearing, and dental services also.

What another benefit of the Part C plans is that you remain enrolled in your Original Medicare even if you enroll in health insurance Advantage scheme and therefore, you will need to keep on paying Medicare Part B monthly premiums. This simply means that in case one decide to roll back to his or her old Medicare scheme then he or she can do it easily during the annual enrollment period.


Following are some famous plan types:

1) HMO Plan

Health Maintenance Organization plan offers limited service provider network to their enrollees due to which members can only visit certain hospitals and doctors. So if someone’s family doctor already resides in that network, then you are good because in-network out-of-pocket costs are much less.

2) PPO Plan

Preferred Provider Organization plan is plan which allows its members to visit both out-of-network and in-network hospitals and doctors who are Medicare-approved.


Private Fee-for-Service plan is plan which determines cost scheme would need to pay to providers and amount which is required from member for a certain service. In this plan, doctor whom one will visit would need to agree to terms and condition of scheme. In case you are not at luck and doctor refuses terms and conditions then scheme will not provide coverage.